Tattoos: 20 ( this also includes the cover ups I have had done)

Piercing:  4 my ears on each side ( double holes each side ), tongue…but I have had almost everything else that can be pierced done in the past.

Best way I found to live…. just have a good group of friends who you can call family and just be yourself

..:Likes and Dislikes:..
I will try to keep my likes list short:
– music
– dancing
– 4x4ing ….mud its like a truck facial
– tattoos
– the water….swimming, diving, driving a boat….anything that really has to do with water
– camping
– driving ( road trips, little day outings, meaningless driving..etc )
– playing video games….I will be like 92 and still be playing them
..well the list could and does go on but I will stop there

dislikes is pretty short and to the point

Secrets…..I know we all have them and I am not saying it is a bad thing to have but when your in a relationship they should be kept to a real minimum

Broken promises…..all my life there have been great promises where I end up getting my hopes up then they never happen, I hate broken promises with a passion, which is why I get mad when I have to break them too

then the normal, backstabbers, posers, users….stupid people ( I don’t play well with stupid people )

.: On a more personal note :.

I am a mommy to a handsome little man who shows me old things through new eyes and keeps me on my toes on our daily adventures. I still like to have a good time with my friends it doesn’t matter if it is just out playing sports or whatever we feel like doing at the time. I also have a very strong sense of family and I love them no matter where I may be in the world.

Even though this is my first year being a 100% at home mom I have always been passionate about food. I remember it really starting to show in high school from when they put us in a intro to cooking grade 8 class and me getting mad at someone for tinkering with my meal while it was still on the stove. I later ended up finding myself taking all the cooking courses I could and eventually working in the cafeteria. My chef at the time ( still my fav. chef now ) must of saw the passion and talent I didn’t see quiet yet because one day he pulled me and another pupil aside and told us about a scholarship but the catch was that it would only go to one person in our school, I would love to say I wiped the other students essay with the floor but his was just as good as mine and it showed when we both ended up winning the scholarship.

So using the scholarship I got myself into a local college and got to learn even more, unfortunately I ended up having to drop out cause of an injury I got from work ( pulled groin ligaments are not fun ) but was able to challenge the course which still worked out greatly to my benefit.

After that I have worked in different types of kitchens ( pubs / bars, cafe’ / bistros,  high end restaurants to local family restaurants ) and since finding out I was pregnant with my son close to 3 years ago I realized that I have lots of information that I would love to pass on and share with him and started my own cook book for him and possibly later try to get published to help others. Since that is taking a painstakingly long time to get finished I have started a group on a well popular social network and figured that I would be able to do more then just pass on my knowledge to my son. I am also inviting anyone reading to check out the group and feel free to join it, everyone is welcome to add their own recipes or ask any cooking question they may have.

I’m not one to normally talk so much about myself so this will probably end here since I plan on writing and keeping up with this blog to the best I can. So here is to a new year, new blog and a whole new chapter that will be known as 2013