It was only a matter of time before I did a blog about tattoos and well here is a short one on the topic. I could easily go on about the normal ” Make sure you know what you want and won’t regret later ” but every parent out there will lay that into a persons mind. My only real advice about getting a tattoo would be as follows……

    Do your research – check out as many shops as possible, I normally suggest checking out a tattoo convention because you will have a great selection of artist from shops near and far. Then from there you can narrow down your favorite artists then check out their shop, more of their work and get a better chance to talk to them.

    MAKE SURE THE SHOP IS CLEAN – just because a place looks clean doesn’t mean it is. I have been in a lot of shops ( not only because I have gone from shop to shop but because I always seem to get the ” can you come with me ” talk from friends ) and can tell you that if a shop is truly clean you will smell it.

    Money doesn’t always mean better quality – some would like to argue this because most of the time it is true however just because someone is charging $200 an hour doesn’t mean that they are “the best of the best”. In my experience most shops have a minimum shop rate which is normally $75 – $80 per hour as an average rate that normally will apply if the piece is small ( takes under an hour ) most shops will average out as $120 – $150 an hour as their normal rate. I have heard of places charging by the piece but have yet to come by a shop that actually does, so I can’t really comment about that.

    Don’t be afraid to ask questions – most shops will want to set up a consultation before actually tattooing you. Use this time to describe EVERYTHING  you want about your piece, where you want it, how long it will take, the size, what the artist may think about where you wanna put it, what spot may make it “last longer” without needing touches ups are all great questions to ask. Any professional and truly experienced tattooist will welcome these questions and provide you with great tips and advice….they don’t even mind the  “will it hurt” comment that everyone seems to ask.

Once you have decided on the shop, the artist, what you want and have REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT THE DESIGN YOU ARE GETTING. Enjoy the process, yes it will hurt ( my best description of how it feels is go cook bacon naked the splatter is how it feels ), grab a bite to eat and something to drink before you get it done, ask to watch the set up if you are still a little nervous ( this is also a great way to make sure everything is clean and sterilized ). Each tattooist will give you a set of “how to care for your tattoo” rules that are basically does and don’t s about what to do after you have fresh ink ( i.e DON’T GO SUNTANNING )

That is about the only advice I can give and with that being said…..

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Let my mistake of not picking a stable artist, be your lesson. Once you find a shop / artist you like stick with them that way your art flows and looks more consistent if you end up wanting more then just one piece….and yes it is addictive