What you will need:
1 Vietnamese cinnamon stick
1 organic lemon
1 tablespoon of honey per glass

Step to yummy goodness:
1. Heat a glass of water to the boiling point.

2. Cut the lemon into thin slices. Using the cinnamon stick as a skewer, slide on each lemon slice. Then place it into the glass, crush the lemon slices a bit with a spoon, and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Then stir in a tablespoon of honey.

3. Once you finish drinking the first glass, and are ready for another, just fill it up with very hot water, let it steep again, and stir in another tablespoon of honey. The essential oils of the lemon and cinnamon will continue to be extracted all day as you refill it with hot water. A bottomless glass of Winter Lemonade to help you feel better.

* Side Notes *
Ceylon cinnamon – “true cinnamon” – has lower levels of cinnamaldehyde compared to the three types of cassia (Indonesian cinnamon, Chinese cinnamon, and Vietnamese cinnamon), so for the most warming cup of Winter Lemonade, stick with cassia.

Indonesian cinnamon sticks (Cinnamomum burmannii) are the ones generally sold in the grocery store.