…..January is over and damn did it go by fast.

At the start of last month I did a little rant on tattoos (https://diaryofatattooedmom.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/getting-it-out-of-the-way-now-2/) and at the end I mentioned how I had entered a tattoo cover-up contest and made the top 10. I am happy to announce that with the help of 300+ people I came in first place and at the end of April I will finally have a back piece that I will be proud to show off. I’ve already had my consult with on of my artists (no they had nothing to do with the original piece) and we came up with a plan on how to make it all that it could be with what is already there. I must admit that I am super excited like a newly spoiled kid come Christmas time. I am also pleased on the timing of it all because I will have plenty of time for it to be healed properly before the summer comes.

As I quickly change the topic of this update blog from tattoos to food, I still have plenty more recipes I need to upload and hope that who ever is reading this has enjoyed the recipes I have posted so far. If you are a little impatient  (like most are when it comes to food) I welcome you to hunt down my group on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/210202782346356/)  where a lot of my recipes can be found as well as some others from the members of the group.

Other then all that, there isn’t much to update really. I now have some major motivation to start working out, funny how that works when you know you will be half naked in front of a couple hundred people. I live a pretty boring life without my car and having a toddler that caught the flu twice so we will leave this blog update at this and I will try to stir up some adventure to make for a good read for next time.