I originally wrote this blog out with a title and when I was done that was the best I could come up with…….

So today I could easily do a big rant on how so many people celebrate the death of a persecuted priest way back when and call it Valentine’s Day in his honor, but that seems rather over done and would make for a longer blog then expected. In which I would probably go on to state how on the evening before Valentine was to be executed, he would have written the first “valentine” card himself, addressed to the daughter of his jailer Asterius, who was no longer blind ( because he “healed” her ), signing as “Your Valentine”, but if you wanted to read about all that learn the history to this holiday you could just as easily of looked it up like I did ( here’s the link to save you some time, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine%27s_Day ). There are so many ways to bash this holiday and it seems that everyone tends to do it, either by calling it “Single Awareness Day” or making the smart ass comments like how the commonly drawn heart is not meant to symbolize the human heart but is in fact the ideal shape of a women’s butt upside down.

I personally have nothing against this holiday, I just never had really had a good/romantic experience with it. The only good one I could think of was back in high school when my boyfriend (at the time, clearly) surprised me with a cute pair of ear rings during class. Other then that occasion I’ve always spent Valentine’s Day working where (I would be cooking for others spending the holiday with their loved ones), alone treating the day like any other or  my ex’s would either forget about it / we would be arguing (and not about Valentine’s Day).

I am personally grateful for who I have in my life (friends, family and my son) and show them I love and care for them every day, not just today because it’s Valentine’s Day. So to keep this blog from going on to much longer, since I am sure many of you reading this are either getting ready to go spend the day with your significant other, or are simply spending this day alone and are a touch grumpy about it. I wish you all a good safe holiday and if you are looking for ideas on what to get your significant other here is a few ideas that will be sure to get a few “awww  {insert sappy nickname here}, you shouldn’t have ”

1) Flowers
Easily an over done gift, but try getting flowers that they like (personally I rather lilies then roses) and don’t be afraid to get your guy flowers you would be surprised to how many guys actually think it is cute when they get them.

2) Chocolate
Yet again an easy go to gift so why not try to get some new types of chocolates (Lindt Chocolate has some neat flavors out) along with a few of your loved ones favorite kind.

3) Something you know your special person has had their eye on
This sort of gift always goes great with said chocolate or flowers that I posted above, I know many girls that would love to get something they had their eye on (a certain video game, book, kitchen gadget…etc) but haven’t yet got themselves.

4) Something from the heart
Some times the simple home made gifts are still the best, why not show you care by making them their favorite meal or perhaps do something else like get their car / SUV / truck detailed inside and out, even something as simple as putting together a bookshelf or finishing off another project that has been on the back burner.

5) Edible flowers
I’ve personally made onion lotus’s  (baked onion blossom super easy I’ll post a recipe later), flower shaped frittatas, can’t go wrong with bacon roses (the one type of rose I wouldn’t mind getting  and I’m sure no guy would turn down)

I can’t speak for every person but to be honest I would personally be happy with some sort of take out (so I don’t have to cook or clean up after), a single star gazer lily (anything but roses would be sweet), a walk around where ever comes to mind (right now probably go play in the snow on the mountains) then a nice movie night or playing video games where my son could be included in the fun and get to feel super special an even more loved. So now that this blog as dragged out much longer then expected good luck to all those trying to impress loved ones tonight and for those who are “alone” go do something nice for yourself and show yourself a little love (stop making excuses and go get that game you had your eye on, get a pedicure, or whatever it may be that you’ve wanted).

Here’s how #5 ends up looking if you wanna give them a try or were curious to how the should turn out.