A work in progress....

As many may recall at the start of January  The Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show did a  ” The Worst Tattoo Cover Up Contest ” …well needless to say this gem of a piece came in first place with 300+ votes.

The convention show isn’t until the end of April but since the kind people who are holding the convention as well as my one of my lovely tattooists ( Christina from Black Rabbit Tattoo Studio in Port Moody B.C ) both agreed that trying to deal with my back piece would take up a good chuck of the convention, so we could do two prior sittings before hand then put the finishing touches and highlights on at the convention.

After drawing on my back with a couple of markers Christina came up with this lovely idea, and after our first 4 hour sitting this is how it is turning out. I was already super excited to see what she would come up with before our first sitting and now I can’t wait to see how it will turn out, there is talk of lots of pretty blue’s, purples and other fun colors for the butterflies as well as how great the cherry blossoms are going to “pop”….safe to say I’m going to be all right being half naked in front of a bunch of strangers and on lookers at the convention.