Pencil Crayon Earrings

I came across these and thought they were rather neat. Pencil crayon earrings are rather easy to make as well.

You can use either hexagonal or round crayons.
To cut your beads use a small, sharp, hacksaw blade.
Take your time when cutting the crayons and try not to apply too much pressure, that way you are less likely to chip the paint off the outside.

Don’t worry if the cut surface of your beads look a bit scruffy, all they need is a quick rub with some sandpaper. I found it easier to lay the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the bead along it.

Now drill a hole in the side of each bead using a small drill bit. Make sure you place a scrap piece of wood underneath. It’s not a good idea to get holes in the kitchen table!

Add in the studs ( you can pick up a pack of those from any craft store )  I used a hot glue gun but if you can find something better go for it.

After it drys and sets ta da ! You have yourself a neat pair of pencil crayon earrings.