Like many teen girls I hated my body and working out just wasn’t cutting it. I had lots of body /eating issues that even to this day I don’t think many people knew about the fact that I dressed a lot like a boy and wore baggy clothes helped hide it. For me after high-school and going straight into college plus working a full time job I kept up with my poor body / eating issues because I was “far to busy” to care and well when I wasn’t working I seemed to be out at the clubs or partying with my friends. All this changed when I found out I was pregnant with my son, I then went back to the thing that worked the best. not only because I had to take care of my body but the little body growing inside me. 

Fad diets are gimmicks that really just care about your money then your own personal results. Keep in mind each persons body needs are different and these “diets” in the end will just make you either starve your body of the essentials that it needs or just make you crash. Speaking from experience, I know someone who has done all the newest and “best” fad diets out there which has ended her up in the hospital due to her body not getting what it needs.

As far as diet / weight loss pills go, here is my experience…..

Hydroxycut ( normal ) – made me feel hot, worked with stopping me from wanting to eat, made me super thirsty and I got dizzy on them a lot, they also made me feel nauseated. Didn’t get any result with my working out and proper eating. Made me feel aggressive which scared me.

Hydroxycut Max ( formulated for woman ) – made me feel heavily nauseated, made me pee a lot, was super dizzy and didn’t help with my work out schedule ( I was working out 2 hours a day ). Even when I stopped taking them but still worked out I found I was bloated for about two weeks while my body flushed it out.

Smart Burn – tasted sweet, were hard to swallow and in the end did was pretty sure it was more of a gimmick then anything.

Abidexin – made my wallet thin but not so much help for my body.

SlimQuick with green tea – was ok, but made me throw up.

ACAI Burn – made me poop A LOT, but that is expected with the acai berry.

Xenadrine – made me aggressive, dizzy and nauseated

LipoBurn – made me aggressive and throw up.

Abrexin- It said to take them at night, so at the time I did. It helped me get a more “restful” sleep but in the end would wake up feeling super hot. 

In the end the one thing that is guaranteed to work is eating healthy and in moderation and finding a work out routine that works for you. You don’t need to work out for 2 hours or more every day it is amazing how 30minutes a day can change your body.

For those that will probably comment saying how calorie counting works wonders for them bla bla bla. That’s great it works for you, for me it drove me nuts and to this day would still drive me nuts because I would second guess even the healthy foods.

For those who may still want to argue, here is something you may not have put into consideration.

To get an idea of the calories that anyone burns at any time, the entire walking process burns about four calories per minute, above and beyond the 1300 calories a day that most people need to stay alive. While a brain takes up about twenty percent, or 300, of a resting body’s 1300 calories a day, and while it has the potential to burn more, it’s estimated that most actual thinking only changes the amount of calories that the brain burns by around twenty to fifty calories per day. That tells us a few things about how much time we spend thinking. Given the shape we stay in today, though, we probably won’t think too hard about that……just saying.