Going to apologize for those who like my short to the point blogs, this one is a rather long update.

I never wrote about it because at the time I was so busy letting everyone in real life know about what was going on that I never got around to putting it in blog form, but here we go.

At the end of April this year I was assaulted by my sons dad ( and soon to be ex husband ). This November would of been our fifth marriage anniversary but we knew each other for roughly seven years. The assault itself was pretty bad and I am grateful every day for my mom who was able to come an intervene and in the end help save my life and keep my son safe before the RCMP showed up.  Even while I look back on it now I am not scared by what happened ( which is odd I know ) but more so upset. I feel like I failed because I let it get that far and worse of all my son saw the whole assault which scared the heck out of him ( as I’m sure it would any four year old ). I was asked and still am asked if I would change anything about my marriage and the truth is that I honestly wouldn’t. Sure I could of ended it many many times like when I caught him cheating on me, all the times he lied or any other bad thing that would of made any person say “enough is enough” but at least now I can honestly say that I tried to fix our marriage, I tried to make it last but for it to of worked it would of took two not just me. In the end to me that is what matters, and I hope that one day my son understands that I honestly did try and well it almost got me killed.

Insert legally junk and all the other lovely stuff that comes after an assault and ta da, here we are a couple of months later. Saying I am new to this single mom life seems like an odd thing to say because ever since my son was born I have been a single parent because his dad was always “preoccupied” for a lack of a better word. At the end of the day now I really am doing it all on my own ( minus the odd help I get from family ) but I know things will be good because in the short time that has gone by my son has made big big improvements and I have “found” myself again. Heck I’ve even smiled and laughed more in the last few months then I have in the last year before all this happened.

So while moving onto bigger and better things I find not only myself but my son very excited to see what life has in store. My little guy has already experienced camping and loved it. Next week he starts preschool and is very excited about it, which in turn makes me super excited because I love to see how eager he is to learn and try some new things. I am hopeful in hearing back from some television cook show competitions so I can show off some of my skill and the money wouldn’t hurt to win either.

That pretty much brings this blog update to an end for now and even as I read over this it doesn’t seem as long as I thought it would be ( yay ) and came off more as a rant then a proper update.  As soon as I get my brain back in the game and things settle down a little I will go back to posting recipes, ideas and all that sort of good stuff.