So tonight I entered a contest and to be entered all I had to do is write what my biggest surprise about motherhood was, well here is what I entered.

From the moment you announce you’re expecting everyone with and without kids will be around to give you advice and tell you what you are in store for. Even with all the warnings of how little ones will pee or poop on you, once they make that face of pure satisfaction that comes across kind of like a grin yet not really a full smile all will be well and you will just laugh at the situation. Even those sleepless nights you get told about always seem to leave out how you can sneak in cuddles and skin to skin time connection with your new little one.

However my biggest surprise was how fast my heart, mind and soul was focused purely on this new wiggly little human who had been living and growing inside me.

You hear it all the time, “You’ll feel like a mom when you see them for the first time ” and dang is it true. The fact that I was still in pain, hadn’t slept and was a crazy mixture of happy emotions where the tears wouldn’t stop flowing no matter what I tried didn’t matter because on the twenty fourth of April in two thousand and nine my little guy was born. He was and still is the only thing that truly matters to me in this world no matter what may be happening in life.

Yes I love my family and friends but when it comes down to it my son is my world and his needs will always come first until I’m old, white haired, wrinkly and my beautiful tattoos look more like blogs of color then what they are today.  

The feelings of love, joy and pure happiness was the biggest surprise for me because as a human all that normally takes time to build. As a mother it takes only a moment in time and will never be taken away because once you are a mom you will understand that feeling and it can never be undone no matter what may happen down the road.

I don’t know if I will win or how many people may end up reading it, but it is the truth and I think that my experience is one that many can relate to. However if I do happen to win I’m sure there will be a blog about it because well a single mommy could always use some help even more when Christmas is creeping around the corner.