Round 2

So not to long ago I made a blog about how I was trying to be a blogger for The Yummy Mummy Club, well they must of enjoyed my entry because I was asked for another blog topic. This is what I came up with,

Each family is different, has their own tastes and crazy schedule, it is easy to see why suppertime would be stressful for most.

I like to meal plan a week at a time, to me it makes dinner easier to deal with when the time comes to start to cook. I also find that when you meal plan you have a better grocery list and can save a few bucks if you make a list ( try the Sticky Notes application it’s great for if you forget your list at home ).

Meals are easier to come up with if you can find a way to work in left overs. If you happen to be making some oven roasted chicken with a spring salad and steamed vegetables, why not use any left over chicken and mixed greens for wraps or use the chicken in the following days dinner by making fajitas. Meal planning may seem a little intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it ( normally by week two ) you will find that suppertime is something you no longer stress about.

I guess I will wait and see what happens, it would be really neat to be part of their team.