This year has zoomed past me. There was lots of drama, issues and even a mix of good things as well.

The start of this year there was normal marriage on the rocks drama which later turned into a deadly assault and my eyes being blasted open to see just who I was really married to for almost five years. To fun in the sun and taking my son on our first over night week long camping trip and him starting preschool in September. The autumn months mellowed out, my divorce was finalized just in time to move into our new place and get into the spirit of celebrating Christmas.

I’ve been asked how I feel now that I’m a single parent and the truth of the matter is, I’ve been acting like a single mother since my son was born back in 2009. His dad was one of those people who were around physically but mentally they were somewhere totally different or always “busy”. On the plus side of that with him not really being a true male role model in my sons life he hasn’t really asked “Where is my daddy?” which I am both dreading to explain and having to expose him to who his dad really was ( which was a big shock to me once I found out all sorts of trouble he has gotten himself into ) but none the less I will answer honestly and let him form his own opinion of what sort of person his biological father is.

This blog could really go on for a long time but I will end it here with this little update. I’ll make sure to add some yummy holiday treats over the next few weeks just in time for all those parties that I’m sure we will all be attending / hosting.