New Years Eve is upon us, which means a good percent of people we know ( maybe yourself included ) are about to ring in the New Year “elegantly” wasted. However today I find myself prepping for the New Year by doing my traditional clean of the home, ignoring my phone ( as of 6pm all social media as well ), getting snacks and treats ready for the movie marathon my little guy and I will be having. As always I have told my friends and family that my door is always open for them to join us even though some may find what my kiddo and I do “boring” when it comes to New Years Eve. I personally couldn’t ask for anything more really, I have a roof over our head, we’re in good health and are safe, there is food in the fridge / cupboards as well as the line up that is soon to be our bellies and a fairly decent movie line up saved on my PVR.

I’ve been told how you spend New Years Eve will reflect how you spend the new year to come, and I figure if 2014 is going to be good times with my kiddo and me that great. After the dramatics of 2013 ( as some of my readers know I was assaulted by my now ex husband and found out what sort of  twisted coward he really was ) I gladly welcome 2014. But since there is still some time before my little guy and I ignore the world as we ring in the new year our way, I think I’ll take a moment to quickly share how some places all over the world have their own beliefs when it comes to what to do on New Years Eve.

It is said that if you’re a single lady looking to find love in the new year you should buy a new pair of pink panties and wear them on New Years Eve. I don’t know if this is true but hey worse-case scenario, you’re wearing nice undies just in case you meet Mr.Right-Now instead of Mr.Right.

I’ve seen a few blogs where they say in Brazil you should wear white on New Years Eve to scare away any bad spirits that may follow from your past year into the new one. Many people down there also give some sort of gift to the Goddess Lemanja. She’s the goddess of water, and she loves gifts, especially flowers. So throw some into the ocean, they say that if the gift comes back  it means she didn’t accept them so be sure to toss them far so she gets them.

Eat a spoonful of lentils at midnight for a year filled with work and money, I looked around and it doesn’t say if the lentils have to be cooked or not so I’m going to say it is up to you. They too believe that on New Years Eve you should sweep / clean your home to remove any bad year that may be stored up from the past year.

They say that if you have a love of traveling on New Years Eve you should walk around your block with an empty suitcase so that the new year will be full of travel and excitement.

This one sounds easy but I’m sure it is tricky to get it done in time. They say that if you want the new year to be filled with prosperity you must eat one grape each time the chime / bells ring starting at midnight.

New Zealand,
I asked a friend what sort of things he noticed over there at New Years Eve other then the normal drunk happy people and he said that he always sees people banging pots and pans as loud as they can to not only welcome the new year with a bang but to scare away any old spirits from the year past.

Apparently over there you write down a wish at 11:59pm, when midnight hits you burn the piece of paper with the wish on it then toss it into a glass of champagne and you have to finish the glass by 12:01. This sounds really tricky but I’m sure if you set it up it can be done, not sure how good a glass of champagne will taste after there is some burnt paper in it though.

{ Origin Unknown }
I’ve heard this one a few times but at 11:59pm you stand up and the second it turns midnight you jump and land on your right foot and right foot only, it is said this starts the year on a good foot and you will have good luck all year round.

So there you have it, I hope no matter how you celebrate the new year you all have a safe and fun one. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! ! !