Apples the fun and yummy fruit

I do this for parties, I take slices of apples and dip them into what ever flavors I’m feeling that day. You can use yogurt or cream cheese if you don’t want to use chocolate, but I find chocolate works best for some of these.

Peanut Butter Caramel
Dip apple in caramel, then chocolate and top with crushed peanuts (other nuts like almonds, cashews..etc work as well)

Chocolate Coconut
Dip apple in melted chocolate (milk, dark or white), then top with shredded coconut.

Dip apple in cream cheese (may have to spread it), roll it around in a gram cracker and brown sugar mixture.

Apple Pie
Dip apply in caramel, roll around in a gram cracker brown sugar and cinnamon mixture.

White Chocolate Toffee
Dip apple in melted white chocolate (milk or dark works as well), then top with toffee pieces.

I find that when I do this for kids parties or big play dates that setting up stations with “dips” of melted chocolates, yogurt or caramel and toppings works best cause the kids get to make what they like and have a blast. You can also use the dip / topping station and include other fruits like bananas or strawberries