Heart Shaped Goodness

Heart pops are super easy to make and are a great little idea to give to that someone special come Valentines Day.

You can make your own pie crust or use store bought, I found that both work the same.

Here is the “how to” for a sweet treat.

1. Start by rolling out your dough on a floured surface (about an 1/8 of an inch works well).

2. You want to keep your hearts small. If they’re too large, the sticks won’t be able to hold them up, a 2-inch heart worked perfectly.

3.You can use any filling you like, store-bought or homemade ( I like using jams ). Place 1-2 teaspoons on each cut-out, making sure to keep it at least 1/4-inch away from the edges.

4. Place a lollipop stick right in the middle, about 1/4 inch from the top. If you place it at the bottom that little pie will fall right off.

5. Keep a little bowl of water next to you and use it to wet your finger and run it along that open edge.
Do the same for another non-filled cut out and place it right on top of the filled one. Gently press down with your fingers to seal the dough together. Make sure to press it around that stick. take a fork and crimp all around the edges. This is done partially because it helps seal the edges and partially because it adds that “cute” factor.

6. At this point you can either give it a simple butter wash, egg wash and leave it alone. Or you can sprinkle some sugar on top to make it a little extra sweet.

7. Prick a whole in each pie as well, so that steam can escape and then pop them in the oven. They only bake for about 15-20 minutes at 375*F and come out looking puffed and golden

.: Side Note :.
You can dice up some apples and mix with some brown sugar and cinnamon as a filling as well that way the pops taste like mini apple pies.

Nutella, jams, chocolate chips all work as well, don’t be afraid to be a little creative.

If you can’t find any small heart shape cut outs feel free to make these bigger just don’t add the popsicle stick. They will still be just as yummy and a lovely treat.