Have we lost our values and morals?

Sure I’m only twenty six but I remember hearing / experiencing people getting married because they actually loved each other and aren’t just bored / comfortable in a relationship. And even if there was a fight or issue they would work it out because real love isn’t useless once there is a metaphorical little scratch here or a crack there. I miss the time where people actually fixed things, put a little elbow grease and pride into what they did, instead of just tossing them aside to get a pretty new one.

Same thing with raising our kids, I was raised to respect my elders / family / parents no matter how much it may annoy me because I may not agree with what one would say at the time. To go outside to play, enjoy the little things in life and to pick up a book when I was “bored” or else I would be stuck doing some household chore that my parents knew I hated doing simply because I told them there was nothing to do. It seems now that there are children still in diapers playing with tablets because it is the new normal. This is where I will be a tad hypocritical because my four year old has two LeapPad tablets and knows how to work my iPod Touch as well as my phone but I still teach him that going outside for walks can be just as much fun and we still have a blast building forts or playing with a simple blown up balloon.

It’s just like parents who want to be their child’s friend, I’ve tried the being my kids friend thing and it has blown up in my face. I figure better me smarten up now, put on my parent pants and teach him the same things I was taught before he gets himself into some serious trouble later on in life. I am his parent and not a friend, hopefully if I do it all “right” he will see me as both but only time will tell if that’s how all this works out just like it does for any parent out there.

I would hate for my son to grow up being judgmental because as a single mom I find total strangers judging me when they over hear me talking to a friend about whatever mommy issue I may be having that day / week. Now I know many single moms before me have probably uttered the words I’m about to type but “I hate being stereotyped for being a single mom”. It’s not that me being a single mom is a bad thing, I actually rather enjoy it because I can raise my son my way instead of butting heads with a spouse / partner. It doesn’t make people judging me without getting to know me any better, yes that can be said for any stereotype out there but I guess it doesn’t really hit home until you have it happen to you. I’ve had a few “friends of friends” try and use me being a single parent against me in which I throw back why I’m a single mom and then end up looking like a fool for even opening their mouth in the first place. It still doesn’t make either of us right and just causes a few moments of useless drama that many people seem to feed off of. Why can’t we see a single mom or any parent for the matter and find something good that they have done. It is really easier then it seems, I always joke around with some of my friends when we are out and one will make a comment saying “Look at how that person is dealing with their child, would you do it like that? “ which my reply is normally “Hey, their kid is alive and clearly healthy enough to scream and throw a fit that loud, they must be doing something right” which will leave us both laughing because in the end it is just easier to stop judging and go about our time paying attention to raising our own child other than worrying about other peoples children.

I guess even after this little rant of a blog entry is done I will be left to wonder why people act the way they do, I know many great minds have their own opinions but I’m summing it all up to “Because they just do”. So I’ll end this blog on this note…..

You’re kid is never to old to tell them how much you love them or are proud of them, and for goodness sake put down the damn cell phones, tablets or step away from the laptop / computer and spend some real time with your loved ones. Children only stay small for a short time and it is in that short time that we make our biggest imprints on them, make sure it is a good one.