A day of love....

It’s not that I have a hate for this holiday because I’m a single mom, that isn’t the reason at all.

Before I played the role of mother I use to be the one slaving in the kitchen or at the bar pouring drinks pulling a double shift on this day (and most holidays for that matter) tending to those who would fall to our restaurants ploy of making a “Valentines Day” special which most would fall for because they thought they were getting a deal. It was during these moments spent where I realized how stupid this holiday really is, not only because of how they would come pouring in for our “special” but how many spent their money on over priced everything because of the holiday.

We teach our children (or at least I’ve taught mine) that we show those we love all year round no matter the day, so really why do you still have this holiday. This is the main reason why I can’t stand today and laugh at the masses as they are running around spending money on things that will be on clearance as of tomorrow if they’re not already on clearance now in the stores.

I should make it clear that my bitterness towards this holiday isn’t only pointed at those in a relationship but to those who aren’t as well. They are no better because even though they love their friends and family they are complaining simply out of greed that there is no “gifts” for them this day and have now dubbed today “Single Awareness Day”. Yes I giggle at it being called that and in my younger days would be called a hypocrite because those very words have came from my own mouth a few times. It is still no real reason to complain about today because you could easily join the masses and spend the money on loved ones or a select few single friends but it is the greed/jealousy in which their complaints steam from which drives me nuts. This is how I see it, you don’t have a valentine for Valentines day so you complain. Well some people don’t have a mother on Mothers Day or a father on Fathers day so shut up and treat today as another day you’ll be better off for it in the long run because jealousy doesn’t look good on anyone.

This entry and my views on today may come off a touch hypercritical I still stand by them. I truly believe that our loved ones (friends or family) should be shown love and that we care every day and for most they will find the flowers, hug or simple words “love you” more meaningful for it on a different day anyways for when they really need to hear it. So if you are spending tonight with a loved one I hope you have a good time and make some wonderful memories, if you are single I hope you can find some joy and love in what you do have instead of what you don’t. For those who are still in the mix of a love/hate relationship just remember it is easier to smile and laugh then live in darkness so laugh and enjoy life.

Happy Friday everyone, go enjoy yourselves and be safe.