No one can really say it isn’t, when we dream we see our up most deepest secrets, dreams and fears.

It still doesn’t explain why I’ve been dreaming that I’m pregnant.
The last few weeks I’ve had the same dream leaving me thinking about it the following day.

It is always the same my son ( not much older then he is now ) and myself setting up a baby nursery sitting on the floor, I must be having a baby girl cause I see the name “Kyria” on the wall. Someone comes home and says “Where are you two hiding at I brought home more things for the baby” the mystery man comes into the room gives my son a huge hug, gives my baby belly a kiss and kisses me then I wake up. When I wake up I have no clue who the mystery man is, but I remember saying “We’re in the nursery baby come see what we got done” and I remember him talking to my son when he gives him a hug, he whispers something to the baby belly, talks to me after kissing me but I have no clue who he is or remember what he looks like when I wake up. The dreams are very vivid like to the point when I wake up and make my way by a mirror I go “Oh yea, just a dream“.

I know it is normal for women to dream of family or being pregnant but I have no real desire for another baby at this point in time. I’ve just got out of a nasty relationship regarding my sons biological father which ended in a quick divorce and life is finally settling down. I am simply loving the fact that it is just my son ( age 4 almost 5 ) and myself right now because we are learning so much more about each other while he sees how much I will always be there for him.

It leaves me wondering why I’m having these dreams, I could understand if it was just of mystery man and myself sitting and talking or whatever during a dream but to go as far as me being pregnant I’m thrown off by it all. Not in a bad way of course, just not sure what’s happening with this subconscious of mine. Time will tell in the end and I’m sure there will be a blog about it as well.