I'd buy it how about you?

I rarely enter these contests because well they always seem like a mass customer survey so companies can see what the customer wants. After seeing some of the last “popular” choices I figured it wouldn’t hurt to enter my ideas.

Well here it is….

Idea number one
Sweet and Spicy Smoked Ribs – Base flavor of smoked BBQ with a hint of brown sugar and some underline chili pepper heat

Idea number two
Asiago Cheddar – a yummy blend of Asiago and Cheddar keeping it simply yet leaving you wanting a second bag.

It would be cool if I won and the money wouldn’t hurt. Still the first thing I would do if I won ( ok maybe second after making some hyper happy girl sounds that come with winning ) would to be going to every store and take my picture with the winning flavor of mine. Seems a little lame but to see something of mine win flavor wise would be pretty great.

{crosses fingers}
Guess we’ll just wait and see what happens, I’m sure there will be a blog either way.