It’s no big shocker that I’m on many forms of social media and that on one in particular I happen to not only help administrate a mommy group but follow many others. I’ve seen a lot of controversial topics get posted and I am normally generally interested in hearing others input and thought process on the issue posted. However today a group posted about tattoos, piercings and plastic surgery with a mommy bloggers input on the issue of teens asking to get this stuff done. It was a great read don’t get me wrong and I have nothing against the issue but after reading some of the comments I weep for humanity sometimes.

Are we seriously at the point where young kids / teenagers are asking for plastic surgery and some parents are saying yes.

Kids even older teenagers are still growing and their bodies will still change heck I’m 26 and my boobs/ ass and “abs” still have mind of their own. I get that the bullying issue is bigger now then when I was a teen but getting plastic surgery won’t stop it they’ll just make fun of you for getting whatever done so it really isn’t the smart route to go. If my son or niece came to me asking for something as serious as plastic surgery I would ask them why they want it done to get their input on it all but explain to them how they are still growing and how most people who are picking on them now have bigger issues with themselves then with what they’re picking others on. I would also add to love yourself for who you are because both of them are very smart and beautiful. If the issue was how they didn’t like how their legs, “abs”, butt, arms…etc looked I would tell them that working out is not only cheaper but they’ll feel a lot better about themselves plus it is way more healthy to work out and exercise then just go under the knife to have something changed.

As for tattoos and piercings saying “No” would make me a hypocrite since I’m covered in tattoos ( nothing offensive, silly or stuff like that ) but I would make my son wait until he was 16 for a tattoo and if he still wanted one and it is something truly meaningful ( memorial for family member or best friend that has passed, quote..etc ) I would bring him to where I go because I would feel better about him going to a safe, clean shop full of talented people compared to a lot of shop out there that well aren’t up to code as they should be and have some iffy people that they call tattooist ( yes those type of shops are still around ). As for piercings well I’ll cross that road when it happens because I have no clue what guys want to get pierced or their thoughts behind it so I would hear my son out and go from there. If it was just his ear then maybe when he was ten or twelve but as of right now he is four and is more worried about where a toy train is so it isn’t an issue I have to worry about yet.

As I find myself saying many times in mommy groups, to each their own. Even more so when it comes to raising their children. As long as a child is happy, healthy and taken care of who am I to judge on your family rules. But just like everyone else I wanted to voice my own input into the matter since something about that topic kind of slapped me.