Unplug for a day

I would be a hypocrite if I said that technology wasn’t a big part of my life ( clearly since I’m blogging this very second ) but it seems that many of us forget the real things that matter. Time, conversations and making memories with those we love and friends as well as remembering who we really are once all the perks of life are put aside.

I try to have “unplugged days” at least once or twice a month if like isn’t to crazy I try for one day a week. On this day I ignore all technology and spend the day mostly just my son and me being outdoors or on some sort of adventure. Earlier this week him and I took the opportunity to do a walk around a local lake in which one of my friends joined us. It was a great reminder how important it is to do things like this with my son. I got to see how excited he was to be out in the woods, checking out all the different plants and trees as well as checking out some of the bugs we found.

I encourage everyone to try and set one day aside to just enjoy what’s around you. It doesn’t have to be walking around a lake or going for a hike, it could be checking out local flea markets, hanging out and having a picnic or doing lunch with a couple of friends where you all ignore your phones and actually talk to one another.

You’ll be surprised how much you miss with everyday rushing about and what you may actually learn or see.