Has it’s ups and downs and with summer hitting my small town early my blogs may become few and far between.

This little update is short and sweet, since my last blog my handsome little man has now turned five. We’ve enjoyed his party with our family and friends, while we were both hit with our seasonal allergies that followed up with a bit of a cold.  As I write this and look at the date I notice that it has been exactly one year to the day since my son and my world got turned around and I was almost killed when I was assaulted by his dad and my now ex-husband.

It sounds kind of twisted but it kind of nice to see how far my son and I have came in just a year due to the assault. We managed to move into our new home, he is in preschool and is making lots of friends all while surprising me with how smart he truly is ( yes I know all parents say that, it doesn’t make it any less true ) and have made many new positive memories.

I’ll end the blog one a promise to add in some tasty recipes very soon as well as maybe a parenting / lifestyle blog as well.