So back at the start of the year I did a blog about how I am doing two different obstacle marathons (Spartan Race and Dirty Dash), well I am officially just fourteen days away from doing and becoming a Spartan.

This will be my first ever marathon since those silly track and field events they made me do in high school, I could easily say “Yea I’m ready I got this” but I’d be lying. I’m somewhere in between being nervous and beyond excited, which is odd because even though I’ve been slacking in my training and know I will totally eat mud hard I’ll still come out of it smiling. Most likely sore and have some pretty colorful bruises but I’ll still be happy that I put myself through this course and will hopefully have all my limbs and don’t have to be carried away.

I’ll be sure to post an update on how I did no matter how sore I end up being.