First Day Of School 2014 (4)

Today I’m filled with happiness, a touch of anxiety, sorrow and a few other mixed emotions. Why did no one ever tell me the first day of school doesn’t get any easier, I held back tears last year as my son started preschool and managed not to cry this year since today is his first day of Kindergarten but now I have a wave of emotions washing over me. I’m happy that he will make friends, have fun and learn. Anxiety comes/came into play next because I am worried about him wandering off, will he be picked on for having autism and other some what normal mommy worries. I’m sad because as any mommy will admit it hits you a little hard when your child grows up, feels like not long ago we were napping on the couch or laying on the floor making funny faces during tummy time. I’m also feeling a touch of other emotions I can’t really put my finger on so I’ll just leave them out for now…..

I hope my son has a wonderful first day of school and I’m already so bored, finding myself counting down to when I can go pick him up and hear all about his first day.

……Whatever will I do with myself when he starts full days next week.