…..of course I’m talking about the seasons.

It’s not a big secret that I’m a fan of autumn. I love the smells, colors and windy days/storms that come with the season, of course the thing I love most of all is the traditions/family time that comes along with it. October will bring not only yummy Thanksgiving meals and wonderful family memories but there is the always big tradition of spending the day at the pumpkin patch that helps build up the fun of Halloween.

I always look forward to this time of year because it is when I can start spending a lot more time in the kitchen without roasting myself to death due to the summer heat. I know in the weeks to come I’ll start doing lots of meal prep including frozen meals that I can just toss into the oven so I can continue playing with my son when he comes home from school. Thoughts of Thanksgiving have even sneaked their way into my brain as I wonder if it is time to do a lovely Thanksgiving dinner/game night with friends on top of our normal family Thanksgiving. I have so much of an October over load on my brain that I’m not even sure where to begin since now that my son is in school I have to wait and kind of plan around his holiday time off / school field trips. None the less I’m excited because this is when I feel my creative mind working and see many of my ideas come to life.

I’ll be sure to make more posts and put in an honest effort for them to be more then once a week.

I hope all my blog followers are in a good place and if you have any questions or want me to give something a try feel free to message me, I’ll do my best to get a reply to you as soon as I can.