I’ve been asked by a few people who follow my little blog if I would do product reviews, so here if the first of many.

The first review will be all about something that you’ve probably heard about or is one of those “Oh a friend of a friend has that” sort of items, of course I’m talking about Scentsy products.

I myself have three warmers (one lamp style warmers and two smaller warmers) and two of their room spray products. I’ve only had my bigger lamp style warmer since Christmas of last year, which was a great gift given to me by my aunt. I was pleased right away with the Scentsy bars she gave me and the lamp style warmer, later I found out a friend of mine sells Scentsy and well sure enough I was hooked. Here are my reviews on not only the three burners and two room sprays but many Scentsy scents I have tried so far.

Cream Tulip Shade Scentsy Warmer (the lamp style one I keep mentioning)
This was the first one I have ever owned that was gifted to me by my aunt. Even though I have it upstairs in my bedroom if I leave it on it is “strong” enough to fill my whole top floor of my townhouse full of whatever wonderful scent I have in it. Not only does it do it’s job filling the area with a wonderful smell but it also gives off a nice soft light that I enjoy when I’m trying to relax at night in my room reading, drawing or writing. The company was spot on when they came up with this as the product description because it is fully honest about what it does and the quality of the collection.

Cast a dramatic glow with the Lampshade Collection. Stunning and colorful hand-blown glass vases rest on antiqued warmer bases, projecting lustrous patterns and warm rays. Every Lampshade Collection Scentsy Warmer is exquisitely crafted to shine a whole new light on your personal fragrance experience

Mission Oak Premium 25 watt Scentsy Full-Size Warmers (these are the two smaller warmers I mentioned)
Since I loved what my bigger warmer did I was sold on the idea of having a smaller one for my downstairs living area, and trust my one of these does the job just great. The reason I decided to get two is because I like to change up my scents a lot but don’t want to waste the Scentsy bars, so with having two I can have two different scents ready for use but use one warmer at a time all without wasting the Scentsy bars.  I was attracted to this style of warmer simply because of the wood pattern that it has which happens to also match a lot of my style in my lower living area. I love their many different styles it doesn’t matter if your decor is whimsical, classic, traditional, or modern there is a Premium 25 watt Scentsy warmer to match your decor and personal taste.

Room Spray Scentsy
Once you give Scentsy a try and find your own favorite scents your options open up to more than just the warmer bars. They have room sprays, lotions, Scentsy circles (think car air fresheners but work great in closets or anywhere), laundry options….etc. For me I went with the room sprays, for those moments where I have about 2 minutes before a friend/family or quest show up and I know my home doesn’t smell all that great (don’t judge when you live with a boy you’ll understand). Scentsy did a great job matching the scents of the bars to the spray there is no weird aerosol smell that comes with some of the big brand name sprays. These little sprays also work great for a quick pick me in a car, gym bag and even in the bathroom. I love my sprays and they are well worth the cost.

Scentsy Bars
Scentsy’s authentic wick-less candles are super easy to use, simply break off portions of your favorite Scentsy bars and add them to a warmer for long-lasting fragrance (well over ten hours of use/smell). Clean up can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing but I find that waiting until the bar is fully melted and use cotton balls to absorb all the wax then give the warmer dish a quick wipe with a Kleenex works like a charm. There are so many scents that you’re sure to find ones you  like that are great all year round but also some that help it feel more like a holiday or season. The sellers site give great descriptions of what the bars smell like so you’ll get a better idea of what ones you may like, there are also bar bundles so you can make your own little “sample pack” to try a lot of scents for a cheaper cost.

The Scentsy Bar Scents I’ve tried…….

Autumn Blaze Maple:
This is one of the new Autumn inspired scents that they brought out. I personally love it because it smells like brown sugar, maple syrup and hints of cinnamon. To me this reminds me of all the yummy baking that comes with the season without all the work.

Rosemary Mint:
This smells just like it is called, the rosemary isn’t over powerful and the mint give the whole scent a nice refreshing feel to any area that the warmer is in.

Sparkling Citrus Pear:
If you like the smell of light citrus zest, bright lemon verbena and sweet pears this is the bar for you.

Camu Camu:
If you don’t know what Camu Camu is, don’t worry neither did I Google to the rescue for me as well. Turns out it is an exotic berry found in South America and has a light sweet smell. This bar has a lovely blend of lush mandarin, camu camu, and passion fruit yet isn’t overly sweet smelling.

Lemon Coconut Chiffon:
This bar can come across as a touch over powering, but for me I personally like it because it is the right type balance of an over powering lemon that stands up next to the light smell of coconut. If you’re feeling blue due to weather and want a nice reminder of the bright sunny summer time this is the bar to do it.

Honeymoon Hideaway:
This is by far one of my top three favorite Scentsy bar scents. It is light and has a calming effect with the smells of lily, sweet kiwi and lush coconut palm.

The site description can leave you wondering but for me it has a mixed scent of a lovely men’s cologne, fresh laundry and summer morning dew.

Lemons and Berries:
Another Scentsy bar that smells just like what it is called. You have a light lemon citrus smell with sweet berries, it reminds me a little of those Lip Smackers lip gloss’s we all faught over as younger girls. It is still a lovely bar that can bring a refreshing feel to any area.

Coconut Lemongrass:
The refreshing smell of lemon grass with back up scent of coconut made this scent one of my other top three favorites. I love that it brings a refreshing summer feel plus the lemon grass seemed to keep the bugs away when I had the windows open.

Sticky Cinnamon Bun:
I’ll warn you know if you don’t like the smell of cinnamon do not get this one. The cinnamon is strong with this Scentsy bar but that to me is expected of something call “Sticky Cinnamon Bun”, even with the strong cinnamon scent this is still a lovely bar that will most likely make you drool and get a crazy for cinnamon buns.

Black Raspberry Vanilla:
With most things with “vanilla” in the title you expect that gross run of the mill overpowering vanilla smell. This bar will pleasantly surprise you and the vanilla smell takes the back seat while the sweet smell of black raspberries is really the main star of this blend. This was another Scentsy bar that reminded me of those Lip Smackers lip gloss’s.

Eskimo Kiss:
Another one of my top three favorite scents, this blend of blackberry jam, vanilla, sweet brown sugar and amber in a softly romantic scent that will help set the mood in any room and yet still has a relaxing/calming effect in the area.

Clean Breeze:
If you love the smell of fresh laundry this is the Scentsy bar for you. I don’t know how they did it but it really does have the light fresh smell of laundry fresh from the dryer.

Vanilla Suede:
I ask you now to close your eyes and think about what a really handsome cowboy smells like then add a light smell of vanilla that right there is what this Scentsy bar smells like. It is a strong Scentsy scent but it isn’t an unpleasant one at all, I find that this would be one of those Scentsy bar smells that even a man would enjoy.

Just Breathe:
With the blend of soothing eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and a medley of mints comfort and rejuvenate during any cold to help you breathe again. This has been one of the new scents I just tried purely for the fact that Autumn brings it’s seasonal colds not only because of the weather but because of my son being in school. This helps us both breathe better when we’re sick and even when we’re not it is still a refreshing scent for any room.

I still have three other new scents to try from my Autumn sample (Winter Pine, Frosted Ginger Cookie and Route 66) and I’ll be sure to add their review once I have tried them. I hope this review has helped you learn more about Scentsy or perhaps help you get some more input on what some of the scents really smell like.

I have to give a shout out to my wonderful lady friend Laura who is my number one go to person when it comes to me getting my Scentsy orders. Be sure to find her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/Lauracrowstonscentsy) and don’t be afraid to ask her any of your questions that perhaps I haven’t been able to answer in this blog or start to order through her.