There are two times a year when most of us jump on the “I’m going to get in shape” bandwagon, with summer over and the holiday season peeking around the corner I thought this would be a good time to do my review on my Fitbit Flex.

Not everyone likes the idea of tracking their work outs, steps, calories, sleep….etc which I can totally respect and understand but for some people having a little gadget help you keep track so you can just keep doing what you’re doing does wonders. There are many different brands and types of trackers out there and like anything tech. there are some that are better then other all depending on what you’re looking for. Even though this review is about my experience with the Fitbit Flex here is a chart to break down what some of the popular brands do / have in common.


When I was looking around I was stuck between the Jawbone Up and Fitbit Flex. After doing some research as much as I liked the look and battery life of the Jawbone Up I was sold on the abilities that the Fitbit Flex could do (like how it tracks steps, distance, calories, activity, sleep, water intake, fitness journal…etc). The fact that it is water proof helps a lot even more so when you’re a busy mom with a little boy who keeps you on your toes, plus it was cheaper then most of the other trackers.

Unlike most people however one of the main reasons I even started looking for a tracker wasn’t just because I was training for my first two marathons but more so the fact that I could track my sleep habits. Not only am I a fan of it having that ability I also enjoy how their online dashboard which is totally customizable to how I want it but it is super user friendly no matter your technology ability. Here is an example of how you can have the dashboard set up to show you the progress you’ve made in the day and all the information that the Fitbit has tracked for you (photo from last Saturday)

Of course when you click on each little section it will tell you more information here is my sleep information from the other night (yes it is real, yes I do really have atrocious sleeping habits. Trust me I know and I’m working on it).

CaptureNot only does the dashboard show you the progress you are making or all the information gathered from what it has tracked, but you also have a great online community that you can join. There are many groups where you can get that little extra work out support when you want to ask questions or just brag without posting it all over Facebook (we’ve all done it).

As I mentioned earlier I love the fact that it is also waterproof, mostly because I’m horrible with forgetting that I’m wearing a bracelet / any jewelery and will just hop into the shower without thinking until I have one of those “Ahh damn it” moments. It’s also handy since I wash all my dishes by hand and also enjoy swimming (yes you can even track that).

So all in all if you are looking for something reasonably priced, tracks a lot of different parts of your life, is easy to use both online and the device itself maybe the Fitbit Flex will be a great fit for you. If you like the idea of what the Fitbit Flex does but are looking for something a little more different in style like a clip on or something you shove in your pocket take a peek at their website ( and explore the other devices that they have available.