So yesterday seemed to have a theme.

It was full of judgmental parents and major first world problems that are beyond just shaking your head. Now this being my blog it could easily span over a few topics but the one I’m referring to happens to do with Halloween costumes for children more so little girls. While I get that yes no police women are running around in skirts neither are firefighter for that matter but the hate over something as simple as a costume meant for Halloween just seems so foolish.

I never once remember my parents complaining about this sort of stuff and I was in dance where the costumes are far more “skimpy“. Heck I don’t even remember hearing stories about their Halloweens having this issue so why is it that our generation of parents whine and complain so damn much. What ever happened to if you don’t like it don’t buy it and go on with your damn day?

While I understand where some people are coming from with there being more media attention on pedophile and creeps but in all honestly those type of people are going to be perverts no matter what I child is wearing.

Now I know I’m coming off hypocritical because I said “If you don’t like it don’t buy it and go on with your damn day” and trust me I tried but when this topic gets tossed around while bringing my son to school, then again in the store when buying my son things for his costume then later have it flood my social media sites yes I’m going to end up making a blog about it and ranting (sorry I’ll make up for it with another yummy recipe later). It’s just mind-boggling that people want to make such a big deal about this. Have people got so lazy that they rather complain about a costume rather then get random items to mash into a vampire costume or whatever your child may want to be. As many of my friends know my son originally wanted to be a pirate princess (which I was cool with by the way) which since I’ve yet to see  a costume like this in stores so I would of had to mash together some items to make his vision of what a pirate princess looks like. Luckily for me he changed his mind a good handful of times before I bought anything and he now apparently wants to be a police man which still has me buying some things to make it a costume he enjoys. So steering back onto the topic at hand why is it that other parents are having such a difficult time grasping this concept??

Now before I get some direct messages complaining that just because I have a son I wouldn’t know what it is like having pressure on little girls and their body image, let me remind you right now I have a niece and many friends with little girls and even they are shaking their head going “What’s the big deal?“. So save your troll hate for someone else because it will just get deleted here. Not to mention that many boys / males also have their body insecurities and pressure to look one way but I’ll save that for another blog.

So to wrap this all up if you see a costume that you feel is too “sexy” / “skimpy” / all in all inappropriate just don’t buy it and go on with your day or just make a costume with your child by letting them pick out things that would make their costume. Clearly if people have such a big issue with and don’t buy the costume the companies will redesign it for next year. Halloween should be a fun night for children to be whatever their little hearts want to be and if a little girl wants to be a police women or firefighter and you don’t want her in the girl version because of the skirt then buy the boy one pretty sure the child won’t care they will just be happy they got to dress up as they wanted. There are so many bigger problems we could be dealing with as parents so lets stop wasting our time on this senseless issue that could easily be solved by some leggings.