So it’s been roughly two months of me using the Fitbit Flex which I have enjoyed using. Even though the product was made to help track your various fitness goals (steps, calories burned, most active…..etc) I’ve been using it mostly for the Sleep Tracker feature that it has. I knew before using this product that my sleeping habits were atrocious and sure enough my Fitbit has shown me just how bad they are. It has helped me track how much I’m really sleeping, how much I toss and turn in my sleep as well as keep track of how often I get up before trying to go back to bed. Here is an example of all that information, this is the data of my sleep last night (sadly it seems to be my “normal” sleeping pattern)


sleep 09
The dashboard also has a quick view feature that shows you data from the days/nights prior (as seen in the second picture posted above). I do enjoy how easy the Fitbit dashboard is to use / read, I feel it would be great for anyone to use no matter what they’re technology knowledge may be.

So back to my review on the Fitbit Flex, over all it’s a handy little product that is well worth the $99.95. I love that Fitbit has different models to help you find one that works best with your lifestyle and health goals. It being waterproof helped with those days where I was in autopilot mode and just jumped into the shower without taking off any of my jewelery / accessories  (luckily for me I don’t wear much other than a necklace, my Fitbit and my ear rings). To find all the other things I enjoy about this little gadget take a peek at my first review that also compared the Fitbit to other trackers out there. (

Now like any technology out there this one does have a few flaws. I noticed that the Fitbit Flex had a hard time tracking my steps and movement on those cold days when kept my hand in my pockets, it also had an issue tracking anything when I was in the store pushing a shopping cart. While on the shopping cart topic the Fitbit Flex would turn itself into Sleep Mode while pushing the shopping cart in the parking lot due to the vibrations it felt from the shopping cart being on a rough surface. Other then these little issues I really do enjoy the Fitbit Flex, with the variety of data it tracks, easy to use online/mobile dashboard, vibration alarm setting it is a great addition to any health goals you may have.

If you want to compare models or see what else Fitbit has to offer take a look at their online store