I understand you may feel alone, like no one understands your exact situation or even perhaps that you are getting judged even though no one is actually judging you. This entry is for any single dad out there as well, you do all the work of two just like single moms but you get over looked because you’re a single dad. The blog I’m about to write is a reminder to any single parent who feels alone to know you are not alone. I am putting myself out there to be a virtual shoulder when you’re feeling like no one understands you. Now some may ask why I’m doing this entry and what made all this come up and here is my reply…..

Today while dropping my son off at school I saw a mom trying to juggle her diaper bag, daughters backpack, balancing her littlest one on her hip all while still holding on to her very proud and excited daughters hand who was going on about the Christmas concert that was happening today. Since my son was already in his classroom I stopped and offered my help, which with her first facial reaction made me feel like I just spoke in some alien tongue. After she saw that I was serious and was actually stopping to offer help she accepted it and I followed her with her daughters to her classroom. Once her daughter was in class with her backpack hung up I handed the mom back the diaper bag and littlest cutie and was thanked for my help. I told her it wasn’t an issue at all being a mom I understand crazy mornings when nothing seems to go right. Before I could turn away she stopped me again and asked “Why is it out of all the parents here you were the only one willing to help?” an odd thing happened when I actually stop myself from letting sarcasm spew out of my mouth so I replied with “Not every person is willing to offer help because of the odd chance they may make someone feel bad. I would of understood if you said “no” in not wanting my help but I thought I could at least offer”. She smiled at me and said “Thank you again, now this single mommy has more work to do or else it won’t get done” in which I laughed and said “Ain’t that the truth, we have the jobs of both yet barely the sanity of one parent”. And that was it, we both went on with our morning.

Even with me being the super proud mommy that I am. Today more so from seeing my little man stand on stage and sing like the song bird he likes to be when no one is watching the events of this morning were still on my mind hence this entry I’m writing now. I know each single parent out there has their own experiences or reasons as to why they’re single parents but I thought it would be nice if we could have a place or someone to vent too, talk too or ask questions without the added feeling of being judged. Which is why I’m going to make it a major priority of going through all my private messages in hopes to be there for parents when they’re feeling like life is stacked against them.