I’m sure many people have been asked by their kid(s) “How does Santa come inside? We don’t have a chimney for him to go down“. Here is a easy to recreate Christmas Craft that will put a smile on their face.

All you need to do is get an old key (I picked up an old fashion looking key from my local craft store but any unused key will do), some twine and finally craft paper. Once arranging it all to how you would like it to look use the twine to hold it all together, make sure there is enough twine that you can hang it around the doorknob on Christmas Eve.

If you Google “Christmas Key Poem” you’ll get some different templates and ideas of what this magical little key will tell Santa. Since I don’t have a printer I decided to just write it out by hand, which my son apparently really liked. This is what our magic key for Santa Claus says…..

It’s the night before Christmas and we’re excited as can be. We’re leaving out this magic key because as you can see our dear Santa our home has no chimney. Just use the key for inside there will be cookies and milk so come in and see

I added some of my own little touches by adding the colored corrugated scrapbook paper behind the key and made it feel more Christmas like by adding some left over snowflake stickers we had.

The great thing about this craft is that you can find the key and say “Look what I found today, it’s a magic key I had when I was little………” then go into whatever story you want to get your kiddo(s) to believe to help keep their Santa Claus belief alive.

I don’t do many crafts because I’m a perfectionist and things tend to bug me if they don’t turn out how I wanted, but I’m happy with how this Pinterest craft idea of mine turned out. Best of luck with any holiday craft you give a try, if you try this one it can be made quickly and easily.