Back in October I did a review on some Scentsy Bar scents as well as some burners/warmers. This is my personal review on a few more of the scents that they have to offer.

Enchanted Mist:
I personally am iffy when it comes to this scent. The blend of apples, rose petals and rich jasmine smells great but if you leave the burner on long the smells changes and gets very strong which is off putting.

Cozy Fireside:
This scent was great to make my home smell more like Christmas however this is another scent that is a little to strong for my own personal liking.

My Dear Watson:
Bergamot with mint, cedar, and suede makes for a wonderful refreshing scent. I would recommend this for any man cave since it is a smell both genders will be pleased with that isn’t “girly”.

Winter Pine:
This is another scent I got to try and make my home smell more like Christmas. I was not disappointed by the smell of fir needles with the aromatic white cedar, musk and a wintry whisper of citrus. This is another one of those bars that is kind of strong so it doesn’t need to be on for long.

Route 66:
This is another “manly” scent that both can enjoy. The smells of citrus, herbs, and musk will be just what any man cave needs.

Frosted Ginger Cookies:
If you love the smell of gingerbread cooking this is the scent for you, it is one of the Scentsy products that they got spot on with the name. I loved this Scentsy bar it filled my home with the smell of fresh baked ginger bread without having to actually bake.

Pomegranate Ice:
The refreshing smell of pomegranate and mint made for an uplifting scent that filled the main living area of my home.

Cucumber Lime:
Another scent that smells just like it is named, it’s a freshing scent that will make any room feel like a spa.

Banana Bread:
This one a little strong for my liking but still stays true to it’s name. The smell of bananas and spice will fill the home without all the work of having to bake.

The smell of jasmine, sweet pea, juicy berries, and sandalwood is a light scent that will send a calming effect all through the home. It is a little strong but it isn’t to the point of being over powering.

I’d like to thank a personal friend of mine who is a Scentsy rep. for recommending these scents. If you’re interested in trying Scentsy or have any questions feel free to find her on Facebook, I’ll provide the link below.