I don’t do a lot of shout outs for charities but from the moment I saw this particular one I decided to help spread the word via social media as well as this blog to help bring more attention to the work that it does.

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Everyone at The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation understands the need that defenseless and selfless animals suffer because of us as humans.

Eduardo, the crew who works along side him and everyone associated with Black Jaguar White Tiger are fighting to eradicate the idea that a living being can be reduced to a simple object by possessing it. Only a chair, a computer, a TV or something like that can be possessed. They are creating awareness about how sentimental, intelligent, and unique each animal is. They are happy, sad, sleepy, energetic, etc, etc, just like us. The only thing that they don´t do is talk a human language. By showing them love and respect to the extreme, and obviously by taking care of their basic needs, the interactions between them and everyone at the foundation have become something magical and extremely magnetic. Little by little they are changing what most people think about nature and all of its children.

For the moment they are focusing their energy in rescuing from bad circumstances like horribly ran zoo/circus situations, people who still think it’s “cute” to own a big cat species until that cute little lion cub grows up or those looking to make a profit off of tourists taking photos with little tiger cubs. If they can accommodate another type of living being we would gladly do so.The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation was inspired by a single unexpected act of love and a whole lot of trust and magic. In September of 2013, the story of an orphaned black jaguar cub in Mexico made its way to the ears of an individual, Eduardo (better known as Eddie / Papa Bear on social media), who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Miguel, the cousin of Eduardo and an expert and long time advocate of animal care, told him that the cub, whose mother had died during birth, was being transported into the hands of a wretched character that planned to drug her in order to take pictures with the public as a source of revenue. Eduardo, always being a firm believer in equality and the proper treatment of all beings, took a leap of faith with existence and intercepted the cub from a loveless life in captivity. Before the cub arrived, Eduardo and his girlfriend at the time (and best friend and Founding member of the foundation), Rachel, were already in love with her, preparing their home for their new baby girl. They were able to show/ tell people that it is not for the faint of heart, that these are powerful and unpredictable children of nature, not a pet or a toy. Do not underestimate the commitment, work, energy, strength, and resources that are necessary to care for just one of these incredible beings.

Today, with the help of devoted friends, Eduardo has rescued dozens of felines (and counting) from a life of terror among the circuses, zoos, and breeders. Now that the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation has been formed, his dream is to end all suffering of the beautiful children of existence that we humans have tried to dictate upon them.

The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation will need a lot of economical help in rescuing our planet and raising awareness regarding the care of our environment and that of the innocent creatures that us humans are forcing into extinction. If we don’t do the change, then who will?

You can find more information from their website, and hear for yourself the stories of change that the foundation have done
Donate money to the foundation or buy merchandise (all proceeds go straight to the foundation) not only on their website but here as well:

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Take time to hear the story of the foundation, it’s beautiful rescued animals and see for yourself how each one of the big cats they rescue are truly loved. Sadly yes some have passed away but even that doesn’t mean that they are not still loved / remembered, this foundation is one to truly follow, believe in and spread the word of.