I’ve got some private messages asking if things in my personal life are ok because this lovely little blog of mine has been sort of neglected the past month and a bit. I promise to keep this as short and sweet as possible so here we go…..

Life as a single parent is hectic just like it is for a parent who has help with a spouse/partner, as parents with more than one child and even for those who don’t have kids but try to juggle everything life throws their way. Now some may say that it is just a cop out and you know what it kind of is, but at the same time when I’m done juggling everything in the day my brain forgets about the blog and rather try and prep for the day ahead.

So there has been that normal mommy craziness, there is also all the side by side work with my sons school to prep things for him in the new school year starting in September (for those who may not remember he is Autistic). I’ve also been working along side with ACT (Autism Community Training), the Canucks Autism Program as well as some other community resources to help him more with the social side of his Autism and just trying to enjoy life with him without it being any more overwhelming for him than it needs to be. As all that wasn’t hectic in itself I also volunteer at his school with some events and when I haven’t been helping there I’ve been helping my neighbors redecorate / remodel their front yards. In short this mommy is non stop because on top of all that I’m still working out / training and trying to remind myself that it’s ok to relax.

With all that being said I would like to say thank you to those who were kind enough to check in and still follow this little blog of mine, it is greatly appreciated. Tonight I a double post to try and make up for neglecting the blog and even though I would love to promise a once a week entry with summer being just around the corner I feel that would be a broken promise. I will however promise to try and make the blog a bigger priority and to not leave such a big gap in blogs. So thank you again to those who follow my blog, have checked in with your kind messages and have shared some of my entries.

Remember to smile, be kind and enjoy life.