I was lucky enough to grow up with parents being supportive and realistic about my life goals, all while nurturing my talents. Something that I don’t ever recall them (or anyone really) teaching me that no matter what we do in life people will judge you.

I could easily go on saying how being a women people will judge me on my tattoos, clothing, hair and over all appearance but the truth is men are judged just as bad. Now being a mom and a single one at that I can’t help but notice how everyone with or without kids will judge your every little move. Maybe it is just me or maybe it is a “normal” parent feeling but I think that this feeling of being judged needs to end, not only for parents but for everyone. Perhaps instead of judging that single mom with tattoos looking a little frazzled while juggling groceries pretending she doesn’t notice her child picking his nose you ask if she could use a helping hand to have a moment to get things in order/reorganized. Or how about instead of judging that family with enough kids to have their own soccer team who are trying to franticly get them all into their family vehicle at the already packed beach you just smile and let them know you’re in no rush for their parking spot. It is little actions like these that will not only make a person feel better about what’s going on but you’ll feel better about yourself as well and perhaps others who see you reach out to help will remember that it’s ok to still help people in this world.

I personally believe that if one person were to get their face out of their phone and reach out to help one person the world may not be as crazy as it is. Now I’m not naive enough to think it will magically fix all the worlds issues but paying it forward does make a difference. Judgment from strangers and silent judgment from family/friends will never go away because we all have our opinions and it’s how you deal with it that truly shapes who you are as a person. Remember that you are beautiful and unique, that you are smart and creative but most of all that no matter what is going on in your life YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

So I’m going to end this entry with a challenge to anyone who is reading…….

I challenge you to do one thing nice for a total stranger

It doesn’t matter if it is buying a coffee for the person behind you at the local coffee shop. Giving a homeless person a sandwich. Getting water for a hot pet that’s outside a store, just do something to pay it forward and help someone out. Feel free to tweet at me if you accept this challenge and did something to help a stranger, you can even tag me in a photo on Instagram if you rather show me instead just do something and then challenge people you know to do the same.