What you will need:
4 ounces baby spinach
4 ounces arugula
1 cup blueberries
1 cup cucumber, sliced
1 bunch scallions, sliced
½ cup  feta cheese, crumbled
Fresh ground pepper, to taste

Steps to yummy goodness:
1. In a large bowl, toss spinach and arugula to blend greens.
2. Add blueberries, cucumber, scallions and  toss to combine.
3. Top with feta cheese.

.:Side Note:.
This salad is a great base to build off of, it goes wonderfully with grilled chicken breast or fish.

Feel free to switch out the blueberries with strawberries or raspberries, or try adding crushed walnuts or sliced almonds.

I didn’t add a dressing but any vinaigrette works wonderfully, I prefer a berry vinaigrette or a simple balsamic