We see these everywhere, most people joke that it is why a person is driving slow or we have them to warn others to think twice about tailgating. Not many people realize that these stickers are actually a sign to help emergency response teams know that there is a infant/child in the car.

No one ever wants to worry about being in an accident but think about this, if you were in an accident with your little one(s) and you were knocked out who would be able to tell the emergency response team if your little one has allergies to medications, medical issues (Autism, Epilepsy, Down Syndrome..etc), medical number, family doctor or emergency contacts. It takes only a few minutes and a permanent marker to be able to write these things down on the back of the baby on board sign. Now if you feel like these signs are an eye sore but like the idea of having the emergency information in the car where an emergency response team can see it perhaps you should think about putting it on the car seat itself. This way it doesn’t matter if the car seat is in a family member / friends vehicle the information is still there if it is ever needed. Simple stickers that you can write on work best but you can contact your local insurance place or cop shop and ask about TIKE ( Toddler Info Kept for Emergencies), CHAD (Child Has An iDentity), WHALE (We Have A Little Emergency).  Sticker ideas can be found all over the place online, from simple template ideas on Pinterest to personalized stickers that can be bought on Etsy (like the emergency info sticker  in the photo)

Children Carseat ID Once you have one that has all the information you think would help in an accident just stick it on the side of the car seat and have that little extra peace of mind if something were to happen.

car seat stickerIt isn’t something any parent wants to think about but this clever idea really could help save a life if it is ever needed.