By now we’ve all seen the “Dear Fat People” video that was made by Nicole Arbour or have heard all the social media butt hurt that it has caused. While personally I’ve only seen the video twice (once to refresh myself before writing this blog) I know this YouTuber for some of her other content (which I find hilarious) however I can see why this video has got the attention that it has.

While I don’t agree with how she tries to bring attention to the topic of obesity I do have to say that I can see where she is coming from, and to her defense she did say that this video wasn’t for those who have actual medical issues (she said it a few times actually).

Now before the internet unleashes their trolls upon me let me give my full two cents.

If you watch the video and just listen to what she is saying she isn’t really wrong. Could she be nicer about it, yes. Could she of left out the airplane story, of course. Yes she could of sugar coated everything to make a point but in the end that isn’t who she is and now the internet is unleashing it’s butt hurt trolls all over the place because of it. In my opinion it’s kind of hypocritical of people saying this is her bullying fat people when that’s what they are now doing to Nicole. My twitter feed has been full of peoples replies to her /this video and I’m sorry but she doesn’t deserve the horrible things that are being said to her/about it. What ever happened to if you don’t like something just scroll on and ignore it.

For those who may say “That’s easy for you, you’re not over weight” here is a shocker I actually am by “medical terms”, no I’m not obese for someone my height / age but yes I am over weight. Matter of fact my weight has been all over the scale my “lightest” being 105lbs to me at my “heaviest” 182lbs and currently at 158lbs. My weight always has and probably always will fluctuate but I know when I was at my “lightest” and at my “heaviest” I wasn’t being healthy. I have personally struggled with my body image since a young age but that still doesn’t mean I should join the masses and start picking on Nicole for her video. If anything we need to treat this as a reminder to love our bodies because as she said “Maybe I’m selfish but I wanna keep you around“. She shouldn’t get flack for young teens / kids seeing this video because IT’S NOT HER FAULT THEY PRESSED PLAY. Just like it’s not her fault that parents don’t talk to their kids (because yes boys have body image issues too) about eating things in moderation and to get off the damn couch to go play, ride a bike, go for a swim whatever activity they may enjoy that doesn’t have them just sitting there doing jack all. In the end we only have one body, love it for what it is and who you are no matter the shape, size, color or whatever else.

love your body
For those who also say that it’s still hard to shows kids that you’re loved no matter your body size show them videos like  this one to really drive the point home on how we’re our own biggest critic and that we don’t need to be so hard on ourselves.