It’s everywhere you look, it’s almost made it’s way into every stores music selection and now it will be on this blog as well.

The Christmas season is upon us (or whatever you celebrate) and we are all looking for gift ideas to give friends that won’t destroy our bank accounts or have that family member that has everything leaving you clueless on what to get them.

I came across this idea from Something Turqouise who has loads of wonderful D.I.Y ideas including gifts. The one that caught my eye was the Mason Jar gift.


Here is what you’ll need:
16oz Mason Jar Mugs (mouth must be at least 2.5″ wide)
7.5oz Mini-skinny bottles of soda
Mini bottles of alcohol
Cute straws
Can of pop / energy drink / coffee drink
Mini alcohol bottle  (your choice on what ones you use)

What to do:
First make sure the cans you pick out will fit into your mason jar cups. Once that is done simply just place the can into the cup.

Take two pieces of twine (to make it nice and sturdy) and tie a double knot around the top of your jar.

Next you make another knot but don’t pull it tight yet, insert your straw then tighten – it makes it easier to start the knot first.

Using only 2 pieces of the twine add your tag. Then tie a bow with all four stands and cut to finish. You can find tags at local Dollar Stores, or if you are crafty enough can make them yourself.

.:Side Note:.
If you need some ideas on what drinks work well with each other try some of these.

Dr.Pepper and Fireball
Starbucks Double Shot Espresso and Baileys
Redbull and Vodka
Coke and Jack Daniels
Root Beer and Crown Royal

Also be sure to check out more of Something Turquoise D.I.Y ideas and blog at their website