…..that has apparently been a popular question sent to me on some of my  social media outlets.

I’ve done a lot of thinking with the pro’s / con’s of doing a vlog instead of my blog, then just leaving my blog for the recipes I post. Truth is, setting up a vlog is just something I’m not experienced with and seems like a lot of self teaching would need to be done as well as some major tech. upgrades that I just can’t afford right now. For instance I know I would need to start with a new laptop. Now some people may think I’m saying this simply to get my inner geek soothed with new gadget goodness but realistically the laptop I’m using is my dads old one (mine bit the dust a while back) and well it’s old enough that it’s using Vista. All other tech. upgrades / needs aside there are some things I would need to reteach myself when it comes to editing videos because I haven’t edited a video since high school and I know things have changed in the last ten years (wow I feel old). I also would need to do some research on some of the new vlog platforms out there because even though YouTube is great for vlogs I know there are other sites that are now available that could be used as well or right a long with YouTube (eg. Vimeo, Daily Motion, Ustream..ex). So once all that is done there is the whole “How do I want to schedule my vlog” which is probably the easiest thing for me to figure out after everything else gets sorted out.

So with all this being said, yes I hear you my wonderful followers/blog readers and yes I’ll eventually end up doing a vlog the real question comes down to when. I know it probably won’t be until either later this year (Autumn/Winter) or my goal for starting first thing next year.