My heart breaks to hear about this weekends senseless shootings.

First a lovely up and coming artist who was doing a signing and taking photos with her fans. A senseless death that didn’t need to happen and has left many with so many unanswered questions.

R.I.P Christina Grimmie

Not even a full twenty four hours later another disgusting and heartless shooting at the popular Orlando night club called Pulse. While news is still coming out about the victims, shooter and many ways to help it was still a senseless shooting. From what’s being reported so far the shooter (I refuse to give this douche bag any further “fame”) did what he did because seeing two men in love kissing made him mad. It’s infuriating if this is true, why not just keep on with your day if you didn’t like what you saw, surely there many other things he could of looked at. Now fifty people are dead, another fifty injured and news is still coming out about how events unfolded. And while all this is going on there was even more shocking news, apparently a man was arrested with numerous guns, explosives and knives while heading towards the LA Pride events…..

Why? Why all this hate?

Being a bisexual female I have experienced nothing but happiness and positivity by those in the LGBT Community. Yes there are those who will always poke fun at bisexuals “Not knowing what we want” but it was always in a positive jokingly manner. There were even open welcome hugs to those who are straight and everyone got along and was safe. Even looking at the Pride events in LA, Vancouver and Toronto you can see families, friends, people both young and old getting along and having a great time supporting one another. While it’s easy to hate / judge I’m left wondering if it’s not your style of event or if you don’t believe in what is being celebrating why try and tarnish it let alone act out in violence over it. Simply go plan other events that day or ignore what’s going on, there is no need for all this hate that the world seems to be spewing out.

I’m sorry if this blog seems to be all over the place. I’m still having a difficult time processing everything that has gone on in a span of twenty four hours. For the family, friends and fans of Christina I’m deeply sorry for the loss of a talented young lady. For those in Orlando my heart breaks for you all my thoughts and prayers go out to you all. I hope you can find some comfort in one anothers arms and are all safe now. To those celebrating in Pride events keep being your wonderfully awesome selves, have fun and be safe. To everyone else, please take all this as a reminder that the time we are given is a precious gift that can unfortunately be taken away in a blink of an eye.

Never be afraid to tell those you care for how much they mean to you and that you love them.

For people who want to help in the Orlando area there is a desperate need for blood donors, I believe that they have brought in extra mobile units to help get all the donations possible. I urge anyone else to also donate blood because you never know if / when something like this will happen and you could possibly save a life.

For more information please go to the Red Cross website.