There are moments in life were other peoples actions make you feel pretty low about yourself. It’s at these moments where you need to just take a step back and remember all the wonderful or weird things you do/like are what make you pretty damn awesome.

I recently had one of these moments. It dragged on way longer than it should of and you know what, it sucked. It took almost three days of me stepping back from everything and trying to re-focus / re-group doing simple things like having showers that were way to long just so I could think, playing music louder than it needed to be just so my son and I could dance about like idiots and a lot of mini adventures with him to make me remember that I kick ass.

That I’m so much more than just a mom. Don’t get me wrong my son will always come first and I will always be his biggest fan / supporter / advocate when it comes to anything he does even more so anything that over comes the label as an “Autistic Child” all while trying to provide him with the best life that I possibly can.

But just because I’m a mom doesn’t mean my life stops there….I’m the person who you can call a true friend.

The type of person who will not only help you move, but will also pick you up from the airport with flowers so you remember how special you are and  so you don’t have to take the bus or taxi home.

I’m also that friend who will pick up the phone no matter what time you’re calling just to make sure you’re ok if you called to talk/vent or to accept those drunk “I love your face” complements because you had one too many at the bar.

I’m the person who will bring you anything you need including your favorite meal all while lying to the night nurses/staff because you just popped out a little human and hospital food sucks.

The person who will look at you and say “You sure” then jump off the ledge with you into the water below, or be there to hold your hand while trying not to laugh when you are freaking out about getting your first tattoo.

The type of friend who will stay up all night while her kid is sick still making sure your wedding cupcakes or treats are still made for your special day.

I’m the person who has (and will probably do it again) give a complete stranger my coffee, bagel and shirt because someone else truly needed it more than me.

The person you come to when you need advice because I’ll actually try and find a solution, while not being afraid to say that you’re being stupid and need to pick your battles.

That friend who will make you try something on even though you know you’d never normally try it on yourself and if I’m wrong we’ll laugh about it.

The person who will sit there and completely nerd out about superheroes, anime characters, music, photography, recipes, video games….etc

I’m all those things and many more but I regret that I let a bunch of other people make me feel any less than the awesomeness that I am. Now for those who are still reading this, I know that this may come off as a big ego stroke but I’m writing this to help remind people that they themselves are amazing in their own ways. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to vent to your pets because you feel like it would be a burden to people, you indulge in the arts, prefer to be outdoors in nature, are an introvert with a small circle of friends, whatever it may be remember it is all the small things that make you wonderfully amazing and you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel less than amazing.

You can do anything you put your mind too and should surround yourself with people who will build you up instead of tearing you down. Those who truly care and aren’t just around to start drama when you stand up for yourself. You are amazing and you are in control of your own crazy roller coaster that is known as life.