Because I found a great product that makes any pair of shoes with lace holes easy to slip on and they’re amazing.

They’re called Hickies and I stumbled upon them late one night when I was doing some internet window shopping.


As many know my son has autism so shoes with laces can be rather frustrating for him. We’ve tried those twisty laces but they never seemed to last long or really do the job as good as they should. Shoes with velcro straps were starting to be out of the question as well since many of them are well ugly and the velcro straps quickly wear out meaning yet another shoe shopping trip in which both my son and I will just be miserable.

So when I saw this product I thought “Why not give them a try?”

They were reasonably cheap even with the currency conversion and shipping. Three pairs costed me just under $40 and that included a free pair with one of their bundle deals  as well as shipping cost. Now you may ask why buy so many for just trying a product, simple answer is  I wanted some for my favorite pair of runners too.

They really do work on any pair of shoes that has lace holes for normal laces, here is what they looked like on my son’s school shoes.


Not only do I approve of this product my son (age 7.) does as well. He is happy that he has these on his shoes so he can have even more independence with what many people over look as a simple task. I would recommend these to anyone young and old. They’re great for those who face daily challenges when it comes to tying shoes like those with autism, arthritis, hard time bending over…etc and they’re amazing for parents on the go or those morning joggers who find themselves having to stop mid jog/run to re-tie their shoes.

They are easy to “install” and come in many colors so go take a look, see what you like and give them a try.