To the men out there who are real dads I wish you all an early but wonderful happy Fathers Day.

When I say real dads I mean the men who are always there for their children no matter what or where they are in the world, they’ll stop and do everything they can for their children. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it with a partner in the same home, co-parent because you and your spouse split up, are a single dad or perhaps a step-dad who loves a kid(s) that even though they’re not yours by blood you love them as if they were.

To this day I don’t know my biological dad but I was very fortunate that my mom fell in love with someone who loved me like one of his own and to this day has been there for not only me but my son whenever we needed him. It doesn’t matter that we aren’t blood family he has been there since the start and for that I will be forever appreciative of. I’ll never be able to show him how much he truly means to me as a dad but I hope he knows how loved he is. So thank you for being there and I hope you all enjoy your day.

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