So a little explanation as to why there hasn’t been a blog for three months.

To keep it super simple, I’ve been enjoying life with minimal screen’s / tech and enjoying my new little family. I’ve kept it pretty hush hush but I am lucky enough to be with an old high school sweetheart that I’ve known for well over fifteen years. So my little family of just my son and I now have one more and we couldn’t be happier. I’m still going to keep most of all that pretty hush hush and private but thought an explanation for lack of content.

Once everything settles from summer fun, family experiences and back to school craziness I’ll try to be more consistent with my content. I do still plan on starting a vlog that will be kind of a mix of everything ( cooking, family / day-to-day / adventures..etc) but for now if you want to follow me check out my social media.

Username: doatm or use my snap code below

Username: diaryofatattooedmom


I promise to make the wait worth it with yummy new recipes and helpful life to life tips.