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Homemade Blueberry Syrup

blueberry syrup.JPG

What you will need:
2 cups blueberries, either fresh or frozen
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoon cornstarch
1 T lemon juice


Steps to yummy goodness:
1. Wash your blueberries well, and pick off all the stems – or at least as many as you can find.

2.Place the berries into a heavy saucepan, and add 1/2 cup of water and the sugar.

3. Stir to dissolve and cook on medium high heat. As you stir, keep watching for stems and other detritus to pop up and carefully pick them out with a clean hand, before the syrup got too hot to handle.

4. Bring to a boil, then turn down to a simmer. You’ll notice that the berries continue to change color and texture. They’ll swell, some will break, and they’ll turn a deeper, richer purple.

5. While the mixture is simmering, mix together the cornstarch and the remaining 1/4 cup of cold water, using a fork to ensure it all dissolves and there are no clumps.  This will help thicken your syrup

6. Slowly pour the cornstarch mixture into the syrup, stirring constantly while you do so to ensure it all gets mixed in.  Simmer for a total of 15 minutes or until the syrup reduces to the thickness you desire.

7. Add the lemon juice and stir to incorporate, then remove the syrup from the heat. Taste your blueberry syrup and determine if you need any more sugar. Add a teaspoon at a time until it taste right for you.

8. Now this step is totally optional, you can either strain out the blueberries as you put the syrup into a clean air tight jar or if you like a more rustic feel / cooked blueberries you can leave them in and pour the whole pot into a clean air tight jar.


.:Side Notes:.
 I use mason jars when it comes to storing the syrup for a long time because I know the seal is always effective and since they’re glass it won’t get stained by the syrup. I also keep a little in an oil/vinegar glass bottle for easy pouring.

This is a pretty universal recipe feel free to switch out the blueberries for any berry you like or is in season.

Feel free to use this on pancakes, waffles, on top of cheesecake. You name it you can put this recipe on it, it’s is a great little addition for when you want to change it up from normal syrups.


It’s everywhere you look, it’s almost made it’s way into every stores music selection and now it will be on this blog as well.

The Christmas season is upon us (or whatever you celebrate) and we are all looking for gift ideas to give friends that won’t destroy our bank accounts or have that family member that has everything leaving you clueless on what to get them.

I came across this idea from Something Turqouise who has loads of wonderful D.I.Y ideas including gifts. The one that caught my eye was the Mason Jar gift.


Here is what you’ll need:
16oz Mason Jar Mugs (mouth must be at least 2.5″ wide)
7.5oz Mini-skinny bottles of soda
Mini bottles of alcohol
Cute straws
Can of pop / energy drink / coffee drink
Mini alcohol bottle  (your choice on what ones you use)

What to do:
First make sure the cans you pick out will fit into your mason jar cups. Once that is done simply just place the can into the cup.

Take two pieces of twine (to make it nice and sturdy) and tie a double knot around the top of your jar.

Next you make another knot but don’t pull it tight yet, insert your straw then tighten – it makes it easier to start the knot first.

Using only 2 pieces of the twine add your tag. Then tie a bow with all four stands and cut to finish. You can find tags at local Dollar Stores, or if you are crafty enough can make them yourself.

.:Side Note:.
If you need some ideas on what drinks work well with each other try some of these.

Dr.Pepper and Fireball
Starbucks Double Shot Espresso and Baileys
Redbull and Vodka
Coke and Jack Daniels
Root Beer and Crown Royal

Also be sure to check out more of Something Turquoise D.I.Y ideas and blog at their website http://somethingturquoise.com/