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So a little explanation as to why there hasn’t been a blog for three months.

To keep it super simple, I’ve been enjoying life with minimal screen’s / tech and enjoying my new little family. I’ve kept it pretty hush hush but I am lucky enough to be with an old high school sweetheart that I’ve known for well over fifteen years. So my little family of just my son and I now have one more and we couldn’t be happier. I’m still going to keep most of all that pretty hush hush and private but thought an explanation for lack of content.

Once everything settles from summer fun, family experiences and back to school craziness I’ll try to be more consistent with my content. I do still plan on starting a vlog that will be kind of a mix of everything ( cooking, family / day-to-day / adventures..etc) but for now if you want to follow me check out my social media.

Username: doatm or use my snap code below

Username: diaryofatattooedmom


I promise to make the wait worth it with yummy new recipes and helpful life to life tips.



Maybe your morning was so crazy that you forgot to put that permission slip in your kiddos school bag. Or did you turned your back for one second and your five year old tripped over their own toys and bumped their head or perhaps your newly walking little one just also had their first sip of coffee because you didn’t think they could reach it on the table just yet.

It’s ok, just breath and remember that this doesn’t make you a bad parent because guess what….WE ALL MESS UP!!!

As a parent we want nothing more to make sure our children are safe, properly cared for and know how loved they are. However life can and will just throw you an unseen curve ball which results in a scrapped knee, bump on the head or slip onto the bum. When these moments happen we already feel bad enough that we weren’t there to “save” our kiddos but the extra judgemental looks / comments that come from those around us don’t make the situation any better. So here is that reminder you may need to hear right now:

You are only human and even those who aren’t parents make mistakes and mess up too. No one is perfect and we’re all trying our best.

Now this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to prevent things from happening. Store cleaners / chemicals properly, have window locks so even if a bedroom window is open a crack no one can call out of, teach your kiddo to wear their helmet, the list can and will always go on for your own home / situation. All we can do is try to be the best parent we can be for our children and keep in mind that most accidents are just that accidents that no matter how much you planned and prepared for this one incident would of happened no matter what.

Hopefully this little blog entry is just what you needed to hear today, because I know that I need this reminder once in a while too.


Sorry for my absence….

Life gets crazy no matter who you are.

My life as of lately has been sort of a gong show mixed with a delicate balancing act, kind of like one you’d see at Cirque Du Soleil. I wanted to take a quick moment to say I am sorry if you have been waiting for a yummy new recipe, life update or any of my randomness. I will be posting again soon but just need a few more weeks before getting back to my weekly posts.

I promise to make it up with something super yummy.