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….be grateful.

It’s easy to get swept up in the every day mindset of always wanting more, or doing better and that’s not a bad thing. Having goals / personal drive is something we should all have however that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be grateful for what we do have.

We see it on the news, hear it on the radio, read it in our Social Media feds there are many families who do struggle and go without. It’s more reason to take a moment to truly appreciate what you do have in your life, a roof over your head, warm food, clean clothes to wear, a place to lay your head to rest, the list could easily go on.

Maybe while you’re taking that moment to realize what you have to be grateful for you can also find it in you to pass it forward and give to a local charity. It doesn’t have to be money, maybe there is an old pair of shoes you don’t wear anymore, some clothes that don’t fit, old books or household goods. There are many charities that will accept all of this and much much more. They will even make sure it gets into the hands of someone truly in need of it, and who knows that one simple gesture may just be what someone needs to make a real difference in their life.

With all this in mind, please be grateful for the things you do have no matter how big or small they might be. However don’t also forget to be kind and show some compassion towards others not only at this time of year but all year as well.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Kwanza, Blessed Yule…etc. Whatever you are celebrating I hope you have a good time filled with loved ones, wonderful new memories and full bellies.


A small reminder….

Christmas, it’s easy to get excited about and has probably already crept its’ way into many of the stores that you regularly visit. It’s a holiday that many will prep for weeks ahead of time even though they will celebrate the other festive holidays that come first. I’ll admit that even myself will get wrapped up in the hype of the holiday and will want to start decorating once the Halloween decor comes down but please remember this…..

Remembrance Day should be given respect well before Christmas.

There are many who have fought and even more who are still fighting for what we have today. Give them their moment of silence and respect what they have gone without while we have gone with plenty. I’m not saying don’t get into the holiday spirit I’m just asking that it is done after November 11th.